Township 7’s QR Codes and how and why you should use them

You will be seeing these odd squares on labels and other things (such as shelftalkers in wine shops, advertisements, and in contests). This is a two dimensional barcode that is readable by QR scanners.

The information on the QR barcodes can encode all kinds of information including website addresses.

“Why are QR barcodes appearing on some Township 7 wines?” you ask?

QR barcodes are designed to assist customers when making wine choices in retail outlets. All you have to do is turn your smartphone into a QR scanner by downloading a QR code reader application. Scan the QR barcode with your smartphone and it will automatically provide you with options for further information such as: watch a winemaker video or read detailed information on the wine and reviews it has received. Or if you’re using one of our Mobio QR codes, you will also be able to securely buy the wine with your smartphone and we will deliver to you! We will be the first winery in North America to offer this ease of use for purchase.

​We recommend you download the free Mobio app from iTunes with your iPhone or Android smartphones for the better functionality it offers over other scanners:

Currently, Township 7 has QR barcodes on 8 wines. More will be added as we release new vintages. Give it a try! A leading edge advantage provided by Township 7 Vineyards & Winery.

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