Welcome Declan

Great wine starts in the vineyard with great people. We are accordingly delighted to welcome to the Township 7 team, Declan McDonald, who joins us in the new Vineyard Manager position to help care for our properties. Declan has deep roots in viticulture, growing up on his family’s vineyard in Oliver, he started working at 10 years of age for his family’s renowned vineyard management firm, MRS Vineyard Services. His ties to Township 7 began many, many years ago, as a youth helping MRS farm Hidden Terrace and Blue Terrace vineyards in the summer. As a teen he intended to pursue a career in golf, playing in Canada’s junior tours, however his childhood dream to follow in his family’s footsteps prompted a different focus. After high school, Declan completed both the Viticulture program at Okanagan College and became certified as a red seal plumber and gas fitter. A definite advantage when it comes to irrigation! He believes sustainable viticulture practices, though sometimes more challenging, are worth the effort with an improved quality of grapes. When not in the vineyard, or on the links, he can be found with his partner and golden retriever Fenway camping in the beautiful south Okanagan.

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