Bountiful Vineyards: The Essence of Township 7.

Delve into the heart of Township 7—the remarkable vineyards that shape our wines. Our pride lies in our three estate vineyards, the Naramata Estate Vineyard, the South Langley Vineyard and the Blue Terrace Vineyard located on the north bench in Oliver.  Each of these vineyards individually reflect the unique terroir of their regions. Additionally, we partner with a select group of esteemed local growers, who’s vineyards span the picturesque landscapes between Okanagan Falls, Oliver, and Osoyoos. With every grape sourced from British Columbia, our wines bear the prestigious BC VQA certification, a testament to the exceptional quality we uphold. Join us as we unveil the soul of our wines, nurtured by the fertile lands of the South Okanagan.

naramata vineyard township7

Naramata Bench Estate Vineyard

Nestled in the picturesque beauty of the Naramata Bench, our Township 7 Naramata Bench Estate Vineyard stands as a true testament to the essence of winemaking.  Carefully tended by our skilled viticulturists, each vine thrives in this idyllic landscape, producing grapes of exceptional quality. With a meticulous approach to cultivation and a deep reverence for nature, we craft wines that capture the essence of this stunning region, inviting you to savor the soul of the Okanagan in every sip.

Situated on the eastern bluffs of Okanagan Lake, our Naramata Bench vineyard spans 7 acres that were first planted with vinifera grapes in 2004. Basking in the radiant Okanagan sun, the vineyard’s terroir infuses our wines with distinct character and flavors.  Benefiting from the “lake effect,” the proximity to the lake minimizes frost risk in spring and fall, while a westward orientation ensures ample afternoon sun exposure. The property features gravel and rocky soils at the top, transitioning to well-draining sandy loam at the base.

Our sustainably farmed vineyard includes Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer varietals. Recently, we added Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines to a cooler block for our sparkling program. The unique soil imparts minerality to the grapes, complemented by frequent breezes from Okanagan Lake that promote even ripening and maintain refreshing acidity

south langley estate vineyard

South Langley Estate Vineyard

In the heart of Langley’s 7th Township lies our South Langley Estate Vineyard, the birthplace of Township 7 in 2000.  Named after this historic community of South Langley, its original name in the late 1800s was “Township 7”- the cottage on our property is an original building from the 1930s.  

Embraced by a lush agricultural landscape and scenic vistas, this vineyard is dedicated to cultivating Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines.  First planted over two decades ago, our South Langley Estate Vineyard has similar terroir to Champagne, France. This enables us to produce outstanding méthode traditionelle sparkling wine on our gently sloping 5 acre vineyard. The temperate climate of this coastal area is ideal for growing cool climate grapes with low brix and high acidity. 

We employ dry-farming in our South Langley vineyard’s fertile soils, which grow well in a unique microclimate within Metro Vancouver that is only 2 miles from the Canada-US border and is warmer and drier than the rest of the Lower Mainland. With meticulous care and dedication, we nurture these noble grapes to craft wines of unparalleled quality.

Oliver, British Columbia

Blue Terrace Vineyard

What makes our Reserve Merlot, NBO and Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, consistently so outstanding? We believe it all starts in the vineyard.  Located at the north end of the Black Sage Bench, Oliver, the 12 acres were planted in 2000, with Cabernet Sauvignon French clone 169, Merlot clone 181 from Bordeaux’s Pommeral region, and Sauvignon Blanc clone 297 from France.
The grapes grown at our estate Blue Terrace property reflect its special sense of place. Nestled in Oliver’s picturesque landscape, we handpick the finest grapes with meticulous care. The warm, gravel strewn, sandy soils absorb and retain heat during cool September and October evenings, facilitating thorough ripening and impart a distinctive minerality. Atop the bench, the consistently windy site not only contributes to the unique terroir but also enables sustainable vineyard management. The breezy conditions naturally reduce disease pressure on the vines, minimizing the need for spraying.
This exceptional terroir along with careful viticulture techniques produces the high quality grapes we require for our premium wines.    
Blue Terrace Vineyard
Fools Gold Vineyard

Oliver, British Columbia

Fool's Gold Vineyard

Located in north Oliver, Fool’s Gold is owned by Mark Antonello, a well-known vineyard manager. The estate was planted over 2 decades ago by his father-in-law Richard Cleave, the Okanagan’s most renowned viticulturist. The Western sloping vineyard enjoys full sun and is comprised of sandy clay loam soil, with abundant rocks and gravel, providing excellent drainage.
All vineyard work is carefully tended by hand. Here we source our Riesling — the vines are Riesling clone 21B, originating from the Weis family vineyards in Mosel, which is acclaimed for displaying racy acidity, abundant peach and citrus fruit, plus minerality.

Osoyoos, British Columbia

Raju Vineyard

Raju Vineyard, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Oliver, adds another dimension to our winemaking. With great devotion, we cultivate the vines, selecting only the finest grapes to craft wines that embody the soul of the South Okanagan.

Raju Vineyard
Remuda Vineyard

Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

Remuda Vineyard

Remuda Vineyard, nestled in the charming Okanagan Falls region, is an integral part of our winemaking legacy. With utmost care, we cultivate the vines, handpicking select grapes to create wines that showcase the essence of this beautiful wine-growing region.

Oliver, British Columbia

Sunshine Vines Vineyard

Sunshine Vines Vineyard, situated in the picturesque Oliver region, adds its radiance to our winemaking journey. With meticulous attention, we nurture the vines, carefully handpicking the finest grapes to craft wines that embody the sun-kissed essence of the South Okanagan.

Sunshine Vineyard
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Naramata Bench, British Columbia

Front Yard Vineyard

This small yet pristine vineyard is located in the distinguished Naramata Bench and is owned by the Mestdagh family.  

This vineyard is situated on a west facing slope allowing a beautiful aspect of the lake. 

Naramata Bench, British Columbia

Wheeler Family Vineyard

Nestled on the renowned Naramata Bench, the Wheeler Family Vineyard is a cherished part of our winemaking story. With utmost dedication, we tend to the vines, carefully hand-selecting the finest grapes to craft wines that capture the essence of this remarkable wine-growing region.

Wheeler Family Vineyard

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