A Celestial Trajectory

Get cozy by the fire this autumn with your favourite glass of Township 7 and get caught up with the latest wine news from the past few months… We suggest a glass of Township 7 2017 Chardonnay, which Beppi Crosariol of the Globe & Mail scored 90 points in his enjoyable article Why we love – and hate – the world’s top white grape, on Chardonnay the world’s most popular grape, “the Taylor Swift” of wine.

Or savour a big red with our Merlot — honoured Best in Class and 94 points at the 2018 LA International Wine Awards — and check out a Merlot special even Miles of Sideways would like, in Terry David Mulligan’s recent podcast.  Hear what makes BC Merlot so outstanding, with interviews of Sideways screenwriter and director Alexander Payne as well as our GM Mike Raffan, winemaker Mary McDermott (at the 13 minute mark), along with a host of other notable figures in the BC winery industry.

Terroir is a major contributor to producing exceptional wine, which is a key component in the Merlot from our newly acquired Blue Terrace Vineyard. Wine and travel writer, Steve MacNaull highlights this in Gravel-strewn and Wind-swept from the Kelowna Daily News.

Noted Canadian wine author John Schreiner provides an in-depth exploration of the Blue Terrace property in Township 7 Nails Down a Premium Vineyard. He also offers some stellar reviews including the Reserve Merlot (scoring 92 points), describing it as a “terrific wine available to the wine club only. It is a plush, satisfying wine, with aromas and flavours of black cherry, plum, black currant and vanilla.”

Of course another significant factor in consistently crafting fine wine is how winemakers address unusual variations in the weather. Global TV discussed whether there was any impact from smoke on the Okanagan wine industry this season, interviewing our winemaker along with winemakers from Lake Breeze and Hillside. See more in Naramata Bench winemakers optimistic wildfire smoke won’t impact quality of grapes as harvest gets underway.

Western Living Magazine explores various varietals that excel in the Okanagan Valley with their Okanagan Grape Cheat Sheet by Neal McLennan, who examines Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Neal recommends our 2015 Seven Stars blanc de blanc, which he notes was awarded Best Sparkling at the 2018 Cascadia Wine Summit. (In addition to Best Sparkling at the 2018 LA International Wine Awards and a Gold at the BC Lieutenant Governor’s 2018 Wine Awards).

The Wine Diva, Daenna Van Mulligen, writes about BC’s Women of Wine in the latest issue of the fantastic new Vitis Magazine (that incidentally has a female editor and female publisher), profiling Mary McDermott along with winemakers from Laughing Stock, La Vieux Pin, and Sandhill amongst others.  Daenna also delves into Township 7’s history and future plans including a significant expansion of the winery’s Seven Stars Sparkling program in Montecristo Magazine’s Forward Marcha celestial trajectory indeed.

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