British Columbia’s Budding Wine Scene

We’re not surprised that British Columbia produces exceptional wines and are delighted that US based Wine Enthusiast Magazine has recognized our region and Township 7 in their current issue. Wine critic Paul Gregutt writes,

“It may surprise you that grapes survive and thrive in British Columbia’s climate. And they produce exceptional wines you’ll want to look out for.

Even more surprising than the sheer variety of wine grapes that flourish in British Columbia is the fact that they grow at all. The 49th parallel defines the U.S.-Canadian boundary, a line that borders chilly American states such as North Dakota and Minnesota, and, on the other side of the globe, crosses Europe’s coolest wine regions.

But climate plays out differently here. East of the moisture-stripping Cascade and Coast Mountains, the land is parched. The province’s southern region is home to the farthest reach of the Sonoran Desert, which extends all the way into Mexico.”

Read more about the terroir and his recommendations for best wineries…

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