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We ship anywhere in Canada. Someone over the legal drinking age must be present to sign for the delivery.

Amount of wine

You will receive eight bottles, three times a year (March, June and November).

$0 Initiation fee / $0 Cancellation fee

No extra fees here. You only pay for the wine that is delivered directly to your door.

In depth experience package

All members will receive an extensive package describing each wine, providing tasting notes and teaching you how to experience the subtleties of each bottle. The experience package cards are also a way to keep track of what you’ve tasted, as well as retaining your personal tasting notes. They are perfect for anyone keeping a wine journal.

Makes a great gift!

Know someone that loves wine? Why not buy them a few deliveries as a gift? Simply hit-up the gift packages area. When you checkout you can set the quantity (equal to the amount of deliveries) you’d like to purchase. Our packages are also great as a corporate gift because we can deliver directly to your client’s office. The packages are more cost effective than flowers or gift baskets (who wants to eat flowers anyways?). We include a customized gift card with each purchase. Simply leave a personalized message in the order and we’ll make sure to design the card with your words.


If you choose a subscription you will be billed for each shipment, three times a year until you cancel. If you choose a gift you will be billed only for the number of deliveries you select.