Experience Infinity, the embodiment of countless meticulous decisions from vine to vessel. Each taste and vintage unveils a unique expression, reflecting the precise choices that shape this elegant red wine. Deliberately crafted, it demands to be savoured slowly and luxuriously. The Infinity Series epitomizes our relentless pursuit of winemaking perfection.

Unveil Infinity

Infinity is an exclusive treasure, available exclusively for our valued club members, by invitation only. With each vintage, there are only 44 cases crafted, allowing each bottle of Infinity to be a rare treasure.  Infinity is offered in 3-bottle or 6-bottle stored in its own collectors wooden box.  This wine is created awaiting the discerning palates of those fortunate enough to secure this limited allocation.

To secure your place on the reservation list and savor this exceptional wine, contact us directly.   Embrace the privilege of experiencing Infinity, an elegant masterpiece crafted with passion and precision.

Contact us now to join the exclusive reservation list.

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