A Lunar New Year Toast to the Year of the Dragon

Celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon with the upcoming release of seven stars POLARIS 2020—a sparkling gem named after the brilliant North Star that has guided ships for centuries. 

Crafted with precision using the traditional Méthode Champenoise style, seven stars POLARIS is a Blanc de Blancs Brut made from unoaked Chardonnay. Handpicked with high natural acidity, the grapes from two premium south Okanagan vineyards, Hidden Terrace and Naramata Bench, contribute to the wine’s radiant elegance.

En tirage for 21 months, this vintage boasts enchanting aromas of freshly baked biscuits, complemented by notes of Granny Smith apple, peach, and lime. The creamy mousse lends a lusciously full-bodied character, culminating in a crisp, clean finish.

Only 1250 six-bottle cases will be available starting February 9th, don’t miss the chance to elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations with this exceptional wine. Available at both our wineries and online, embark on a sparkling journey that mirrors the brilliance of the North Star. Cheers to prosperity, joy, and the Year of the Dragon!

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