A Sustainable Future

As stewards of more than 25 acres of land and vintners for over two decades, we are doing our best to ensure our vineyard and winery practices are sustainable. We are also doing our best to promote the social well being of our community, ensuring the economic viability of our company for generations to come.

To that end, we have taken on the viticulture management of our own estate vineyards along with the properties of select growers. This care entails many facets of farming.
Water is a precious resource and we employ dry farming in Langley. In the Okanagan, we use water-efficient drip irrigation, and implement water-saving practices, such as mulching and encouraging the natural vetch cover crops. In the near future, we will be taking part in a living labs process for better soil management using cover crop.

We are getting more free range chickens this month to help alleviate some pests we occasionally find in the vineyard and to assist with fertilization. We do not generally spray pesticides for insects, so this is a sustainable way to address it. At our Naramata Bench vineyard, we opt to use a hoe instead of herbicide to control weeds.

We are reducing waste generation in the tasting room and winery by limiting packaging (no plastic gift bags), and recycle all glass and cardboard. In the vineyard we participate in a grape waste compost program to create natural fertilizer.

Since our founding, community engagement and social responsibility have been core values. We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion, our team is a truly diverse reflection of the community in which we live. Through our support of local charitable causes such as BC Hospitality Foundation, Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon, and the BC SPCA to name a few, we hope to make a positive difference.

We believe these actions minimize our environmental impact while improving grape and wine quality. Being a change agent for our environment is not a job that we take lightly, and we will continue to strive for constant betterment in our calling to take care of the Earth.

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