Harvesting Gratitude: A Bountiful Year & Thanksgiving Toast

As we enjoy autumn in all its splendid multicoloured glory, we celebrate the conclusion of the 2023 harvest season here at Township 7. October 6th marked a significant milestone in our winemaking journey, as we wrapped up the harvest with Cabernet Franc grapes from Raju Vineyard in south Osoyoos. (See our short Instagram reel here). What makes this moment even more special is that it’s the earliest we’ve ever completed a harvest, a testament to the unique conditions of this year.

The story of the 2023 harvest begins with the challenges posed by an extreme cold spell last winter with temperatures plummeting into -20°C territory. While it did reduce our yields, it had an unexpected consequence. The colder temperatures led to smaller berries on the vines this season, setting the stage for rapid ripening when the warm summer and fall weather graced the South Okanagan. The result? Grapes that are well-rounded and perfectly ripened, embodying the essence of our various vineyard’s terroir.

Our winemaking team has worked tirelessly throughout the year, and now deserve a well-earned break. As they unwind, they’ll be indulging in some of our finest creations this Thanksgiving weekend. Among them, our acclaimed seven stars Polaris, Provenance Chardonnay, and Benchmark Pinot Noir wines.

Notably, Christine Campbell, in her recent Thanksgiving Celebrations post, recommended seven stars Polaris our traditional method Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine as the perfect way to “start your celebration in style.” This light and elegant bubbly is a tantalizing addition to any gathering, pairing flawlessly with appetizers and fostering great conversation.

Catherine Dunwoody, in her delightful piece “Grateful For The Glass: Wines To Toast Thanksgiving,” extolled the virtues of our Township 7 Benchmark Series Pinot Noir. She described it as a truly special red, a perfect companion to dishes like earthy mushroom stuffing, succulent turkey, and even BC salmon.

But that’s not all—our Chardonnay also takes a bow in the spotlight, proving itself as the ideal partner for a simple, yet delightful, pasta dish adorned with a sprinkle of parm and harvest roasted vegetables. Could there be a better choice for a Thanksgiving brunch? We think not!

So, as we raise our glasses to toast the harvest’s end and the holiday season’s beginning, we invite you to join us in savouring the flavours and celebrating life’s moments. Township 7 wines are more than beverages; they are the embodiment of the South Okanagan’s spirit and the heart of our community. Cheers to you, to us, and to the joy of sharing great wine with great company. Happy Thanksgiving!

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