Women of Wine

This International Women’s Day, we raise a toast to the talented women in the wine industry, including our very own winemaker Mary McDermott.

Local women in the industry were recently featured in the article BC’s Women of Wine by Daenna Van Mulligen in the new gem of a publication, Vitis Magazine (which incidentally has a female publisher Gail Nugent and editor Joanne Sasvari)!  Daenna interviews Mary along with Nikki Callaway of Laughing Stock, Severine Pinte of Le Vieux Pin and La Stella, Sandra Oldfield formerly with Tinhorn Creek, Sandy Leier with Sandhill Wines and Heidi Noble of Joie Farm, and asks them what they love about their jobs.

An excerpt from Mary’s comments, “I love that wine, along with food, brings people together. As a winemaker, I love the process of making something from grapes that have been tended for years. Every vintage is different; life is never boring as a winemaker!”   


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