The 2021 Harvest Commences!

Break open the bubbly! We’ve started picking for our 2021 vintage. Handpicked Chardonnay from the Hidden Terrace vineyard in north Oliver arrived on our Naramata Bench crush pad early this morning, which is designated for our seven stars sparkling wine collection. Situated near McIntyre Bluff by Vaseaux Lake, this premium vineyard was first planted in 2009, and is overseen by the renowned Cleave family of viticulturists, MRS Vineyard Management. Located 330 feet above Okanagan River, affords a higher altitude which provides a slightly cooler growing environment producing beautifully elegant whites. The terroir of this property is ideal for producing fruit with the ideal phenolic ripeness needed to craft exceptional sparkling wines.

On Thursday we will be receiving Pinot Noir from Stoneridge Vineyard on Thursday, which is also designated for our sparkling wine program. The Stoneridge Vineyard in Okanagan Falls peers over the meandering Okanagan river winding into Vaseaux Lake.  It is southwest facing to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine tempered by the coolness of its elevation and proximity to the river. The good acidity that is maintained accentuates aromatics and fruit flavours within the finished wine.This will be the earliest we have ever picked the Pinot Noir, as the crop was extremely light this year, the vines really concentrated on the small bunches of fruit remaining on the vine. 

 So far, the 2021 season appears to be similar to pick dates from the 2015 vintage when we started harvest on August 22 and finished in October. Stay tuned!

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