International (Winery) Dog Day

It’s International Dog Day and we’re celebrating humankind’s best friend. Our winery dog Millie is a fixture at our Naramata Bench winery and we thought we’d share some background on her from our assistant winemaker Ryan McKibbon:

“We jumped at the chance to welcome a puppy into our home when a grad school colleague of my wife Chelsea said they had some puppies available for adoption. Millie’s mother was a rescue from northern Ontario and we don’t know much about her father. She’s one of eleven Border Collie looking dogs, although she’s far from purebred. She’s turning six this year and has been spending her time at various wineries around the world since she was 8 weeks old. Her title at Township 7 winery is Mental Health Officer, and on top of that, she’s in charge of staff room clean up after the cellarhands’ lunch. Plus she’s an expert at monitoring soil moisture in the vineyard (or digging for rodents). She’s not overly quirky, just a sweet, timid, lovable, lazy, imposter of a border collie.”

How about celebrating the Dog Days of August and your faithful companion with our premium Bordeaux blend, Black Dog!

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