A sparkling start to harvest

The grape harvest for our seven stars collection of sparkling wines is well underway and we’re celebrating with bubbly! The long awaited 2018 seven stars Polaris blanc de blanc is now available for purchase at our two tasting rooms. For our 2021 sparkling program, we’ve completed picking Chardonnay from Hidden Terrace and Viognier from Fool’s Gold vineyards in Oliver along with Pinot Noir from Stoneridge vineyard in Ok Falls. This week we’re harvesting Riesling from Fool’s Gold for seven stars Rigel and later this month will bring in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from our Langley estate for our ultra premium seven stars Sirius sparkling wine.

The inaugural vintage of our flagship sparkling wine, seven stars Polaris began over two decades ago in 1999. Named in honour of the North Star so prominent and bright in our sky, which has guided ships at sea for centuries, Polaris is the basis for our sparkling program, guiding the other members of the seven stars collection. Crafted in the traditional Methode Champenoise style, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation or prise de mousse, where we literally “capture the sparkle” in the bottle. This time-honoured process adds aromas of fresh baked biscuits, and enhances the bright fruit scents already present in the wine of Granny Smith apple, peach and lime. The mousse is creamy, imparting a delightfully full-bodied character, that is well-balanced with a crisp, clean finish.

This 2018 vintage is made from 100% unoaked Chardonnay. The grapes are picked with high natural acidity, which is maintained throughout extended time in bottle. Crafted with fruit from two premium south Okanagan vineyards, Hidden Terrace delivers Chardonnay with excellent phenolic ripeness early on, and our Naramata Bench estate provides ideal acidity and freshness to the finished wine. The wine was left en tirage for a minimum of 18 months to ensure the development of autolytic characters. After riddling, we disgorged and added our proprietary dosage for a sparkling wine with wonderful complexity and depth of flavour.

Join us in the celebration, order 4 bottles or more and receive free shipping across most of Canada!

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